Identity theft suspect who worked in Pasadena arrested

Hundreds of possible victims

Suspect Jordan came to the attention of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Community College Bureau after suspicious transactions totaling over $1000, occurred on the West Los Angeles College campus. Suspect Jordan was allegedly using fraudulently obtained credit card numbers and identities to purchase gift receipts on campus. She would then use these gift receipts to pay for classes she was enrolled in at the college. Additionally, the investigation has revealed that Suspect Jordan afforded herself hair extensions, clothing, jewelry and airline tickets to Alaska with her proceeds from the scheme.

Suspect Jordan obtained her victims’ information through her prior employment at ABEO, a medical billing company with offices in Pasadena. She had been employed by the company since 2008, where she potentially had access to thousands of client identity profiles. During the course of several search warrants, she was found to be in possession of over 400 identity profiles and over 200 credit numbers for other victims .

Victims of the elaborate scheme have been located in Los Angeles, Torrance, Santa Monica, Topanga, Malibu, Mammoth Lakes, as well as, in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi.

Sheriff’s investigators remind the public, a good way to protect yourself from identity theft is to call the three main credit reporting bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) and request that your credit be locked. When you need to apply for credit, simply call to have the companies unlock your accounts. Continuously monitor your credit and report any suspicious activity.
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