Monrovia PD to Conduct DUI/License Checkpoint

The checkpoint will be on Saturday. - Courtesy photo / Facebook, @MonroviaPoliceDepartment

Monrovia Police Department will be conducting a DUI / Driver’s License checkpoint on Saturday night, Aug. 29. Vehicles entering the checkpoint will be stopped. Drivers will then be evaluated for being under the influence of alcohol and checked for having a valid driver’s license. Monrovia officers will also be out in force through the end of summer conducting DUI patrols.

Over the course of the past three years, there have been 336 DUI investigations, with 32 of those resulting in collisions with injuries, harming citizens. 

Monrovia Police Department offers these reminders:

  • Always use a designated driver – a friend who is not drinking or other transportation.
  • See someone who is clearly impaired try and drive? Take their keys and help them make other arrangements to find a sober way home.
  • Report drunk drivers – call 911. 


  1. I’ve heard there is a Constitution and that this is a country/government of laws. You need probable cause of an illegal act before you can stop and search a citizen. Guess you missed that class.


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