Dramatic Hiker Rescue in Monrovia Canyon Late Monday Night

A chopper landing at Clifton. – Courtesy photo / MFD
A chopper landing at Clifton. – Courtesy photo / MFD

Armageddon, no … just another hiker rescued in the hills above Monrovia Canyon

By Terry Miller

Around 11:45 p.m. Monday, it seemed the entire city of Monrovia was being invaded by something unknown. There were at least three low flying helicopters circling the hills above Norumbega Drive in an apparent effort to locate a missing hiker.

Monrovia Police Department received numerous calls concerned about the chopper noise, dispatchers advised residents there was no cause for alarm although some residents claimed the choppers were flying extremely low and shaking their houses.

Monrovia Fire responded to a hiker who had become lost well off of the trail in Monrovia Canyon Park. With the assistance of helicopters from LA County Fire, Pasadena Police Department and LA County Sheriffs, the lost hiker was located and rescued from the mountainside.

The LA County Fire rescue chopper made a dramatic landing at Clifton School at midnight with the injured hiker who was subsequently transported to hospital by paramedics.


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