Firefighters give thanks and look forward to new year

Firefighters are thankful that in 2013, Governor Jerry Brown denied parole for convicted arsonist Mario Catanio who killed LA City Firefighter Thomas Taylor in 1981 and remains in prison. They also are thankful to Councilmember Paul Krekorian and others who successfully lobbied the Parole Board to keep Mr. Catanio in prison.
Firefighters are hopeful that in 2014 Governor Brown will sign the Firefighter Death Benefits Bill (A UFLAC Local 112 sponsored bill authored by the Speaker of the Assembly John Perez) so that Firefighters throughout California will know that their children and loved ones will be protected in the event of their passing through duty related causes.
“We are thankful that in 2013 a number of LA City Firefighters survived near death incidents fighting fires throughout the City. From the Sumac Lane structure fire to the high rise fire in West LA to church fires in South LA and countless other close calls, our firefighters suffered permanent injuries including critical burns, the loss of lung capacity, and other close calls on a daily basis protecting property and saving lives. We are thankful that Councilmembers Mitch Englander and Curren Price took the time to visit some of our critically injured Firefighters in the hospital.
We are hopeful that in 2014, our injured Firefighters will continue to recover and fewer will need to be treated at the Grossman Burn Center for life-sustaining injuries. We are also hopeful that the Los Angeles media will report not only on firefighter funerals, but also on the numerous life-changing injuries that our brave men and women in the LA City Fire Department endure each year along with the significantly higher rates of cancer and lower life expectancy rate among Firefighters compared to the general public.”


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