GoMonrovia Will Require Call-In Lyft Dispatch Services Beginning March 18

- Photo by Terr Miller / Beacon Media News
– Photo by Terr Miller / Beacon Media News

During the past several months, the city has continued to refine the GoMonrovia program and effective March 18 anyone looking to book a GoMonrovia Lyft ride by calling in to the dispatch center will be required to have pre-registered with the city for the service.

Please note that this new registration requirement will only be for those that access the Lyft program through the dial-in telephone number (which staff refers to as the Lyft Concierge service).

Also, anyone who accesses the GoMonrovia program through their smartphone will not be impacted by this program adjustment. Those program users will be able to continue accessing the program as they have been doing so previously with no interruption.

The new registration requirement for call-in Lyft dispatch services is being instituted to improve billing processes and to combat underage program use. The current program design requires that riders must be 18 years of age or older to ride Lyft. Based on various reports, there may be GoMonrovia program abuse by underage riders who are using the concierge service. By requiring pre-registration, the city can cut back on abuse, while also simplifying billing procedures for those who ride GoMonrovia by calling for a Lyft ride.

The city has developed a simple and easy to use form for registration, and details related to the registration process are outlined below:

  1. Download and complete the Lyft Concierge Application including the credit card authorization form and return to the Community Center.
  2. Once you have been notified that your application was approved, you may call (626) 358-3538 to book a ride with Lyft over the telephone.
  3. Charges for your rides will be charged at the end of each month and a monthly receipt for the amount charged to your credit card will be emailed to you.
  4. Please note that trips may only be booked that start and end in the GoMonrovia service area.

For more information, please call (626) 256-8234.


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