How Could New California State Laws Directly Impact You In 2019?

New California law in 2019 will grant business opportunities to immigrants. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

Every year hundreds of new laws become effective on Jan. 1 in California. From pot to guns and everything in between Governor Jerry Brown has approved over a thousand bills earlier this year, some of which will generate opportunities, safety and tech privacy to California residents. Allow me to give you a quick head start on some of the new California state laws that could affect you in 2019.

AB-375 Privacy: personal information: businesses

This law will grant Californians the right to know what personal information is being collected about them by businesses. It will give you the right to know whether your personal information is sold or disclosed and to whom. It will give us the right to say NO to the sale of personal information, and the right to equal service and price even when we exercise our privacy rights. Bravo to our local Assemblymember Ed Chau from Arcadia for being the primary leader in making such an important topic into law.

SB-946 Sidewalk Vendors

This law will prohibit local government authorities from banning street vendors from our communities. Violations of local rules can only be penalized with citations or fines and not criminal charges. It will also provide entrepreneurship opportunities to thousands of immigrants in the state of California as many of the people selling food or merchandise on the street are undocumented immigrants.

AB-1793 Cannabis convictions: resentencing

The department of Justice will have up to July 1, 2019 to review the records in the state summary criminal history information database to determine if past marijuana convictions could be dismissed or recalled.

AB-2103 Firearms: License to carry concealed

Next year if you want to carry a concealed weapon and are a new license applicant you will be required to take firearm training. By law the training will have to be a minimum of eight hours. The training course will have to include live-fire shooting from different distances, shooting proficiency and safe handling demonstration for each gun the applicant is applying to be licensed to carry.

Many more laws will become effective Jan. 1, 2019. Laws like: more pet friendly parks, prepaid postage of mailing voting ballots and sexual harassment training for all employees. These are just a few laws that reflect California in an exemplary light in leading the rest of the country when it comes to fair and equal opportunities, enforcing security and our right to privacy. To get more details on all the new California state laws, please visit this link.


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