City of Monrovia Continues Discussions With Pasadena Humane Society

By Fabiola Diaz

The Pasadena Humane Society has been operating for 116 years. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

As previously reported by Monrovia Weekly, the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS) has proposed cost increases to cities that partner with the agency for animal control services, Monrovia among them. The proposed increases range from 50-600% and are deemed “incredibly significant” by city officials.

Monrovia’s current $120,000 PHS contract is set to expire on June 30, 2021 and thus the city has yet to feel the effects of rising costs. Back in September, then City Manager Oliver Chi declared, “jurisdictions, like Arcadia, reported that the PHS has been employing a negotiating approach that is short on details regarding why costs are increasing so dramatically.”

In the latest City Manger’s Update, current City Manger Dylan Feik explained the city’s two primary concerns. First, PHS is modifying rates making the city responsible for animal control costs incurred when any resident receives a service. City officials have also raised concerns about PHS’s exclusionary process as the agency made changes to services offered. According to Feik, “PHS has made significant changes to their mission and even expanded their service offerings, yet they have never solicited input from the community partners (such as the Monrovia City Council) about whether the service levels are desired.”

Feik assured residents there will be more discussions with PHS in the months to come as both parties try to come to an agreement.


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