Crime Scene Body Outline Garners Attention Near Monrovia Police Station

Chalk it up to experience. This body outline appeared outside the police station in Monrovia Thursday morning. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Perhaps this is a poignant, albeit macabre, message by this artist known only as C.D., to always wear a mask during this Covid-19 crisis or you may end up dead.

The Monrovia Strong logo appears to be placed where the head of our “victim” should be.

The reason for this cadaverous art is apparently part of the Monrovia Fine Arts Association (MAFA) ChalkDemic which is meant to “spread art from the driveway or sidewalk of your home while competing for prizes.”

The theme is open but MAFA suggests competitors create displays celebrating the joys of living in Monrovia. Perhaps the artist did not read the rules as this is on the Ivy Avenue corner of the Monrovia Police Station, which we guess is relatively appropriate.


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