Facebook Watch Party for Monrovia Days This Saturday

Hal Leavens, the “Unofficial Mayor” of Monrovia puts on his party hat in time for this weekend’s virtual Monrovia Days. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Two weeks ago, scores of Monrovia Kiwanians took to a local park to video tape a birthday message for the upcoming virtual Monrovia Days project sponsored by the city and Chamber of Commerce.

Donning masks of every size shape and color — the ever-present bear included —participants prepared for a truly unique moment in Monrovia history to celebrate the city’s 134th birthday.

Many of the Kiwanians hadn’t seen one another for over two months due to the stay-at-home mandate and were stunned  and delighted when they noticed one long-time member, Hal Leavens, had grown a rather distinguish white beard. After the applause and laughter died down to a dull roar, Leavens joined his colleagues for the main event.

Over 100 Monrovians have submitted short videos like that of the Kiwanis to be part of the annual celebration, albeit virtual and from a safe distance.

This year, the city will be creating a commemorative video with birthday wishes from you, the community that will be aired during a special Facebook Watch Party on May 16, 2020.

Everyone has put so much time and thought into crafting a fun snapshot to share with the community. At this time there is no list of participants; the community will need to tune in to learn who submitted a video. There are many videos with pies, in honor of the annual Merengue Pie Eating Contest, said Tina Cherry of the City of Monrovia.

Ways to Watch

Monrovia Days Facebook Watch Party
Spectrum Cable – Channel 3
Giggle Fiber – Channel 87.3
The show begins and 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 16.


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