Monrovia Accepting Applications to Plant a Tree Near Your Home or Business

Applications must be submitted by Oct. 30. | Courtesy photo by David Vig on Unsplash

The City of Monrovia maintains more than 8,500 city-owned trees and in 1987 was recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA in recognition of its commitment to tree stewardship. In recent years, the city has removed several trees due, primarily, to drought conditions and construction activity. In the spirit of its commitment to tree stewardship, city staff committed to replacing the removed trees on a two-for-one basis to maintain and expand what it calls its “urban forest.”

This fall, Monrovia will be launching an initiative to begin replanting trees throughout the community. The plantings will take place in parkways and public spaces with a focus on replacing trees that were previously removed. While the city works off its existing inventory and records, it will also consider planting trees within parkways where one may not have previously existed.

If you are interested in a city tree being planted in the parkway in front of your residence or business, can complete an interest form and submit it by Oct. 30. The ability to plant a tree will be determined by the available space in the parkway, the presence of overhead or underground utilities, and a site review conducted by the city arborist. The tree will be planted and maintained by the city at its expense. However, the city asks that residents and business owners provide for watering of the tree. The city will review interest on a first-come first-served basis and the number of trees planted this year will be determined by the level of interest and available resources.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Jaden Louie at (626) 932-5584 or or Daniel Lee at (626) 932-8216 or


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