Monrovia Looks at Parade Rules after ‘Risqué’ Entry/Unlicensed Vendors Surface

According to the city manager, one of the parade participants was an automobile club and one of the vehicles had “risqué and quite inappropriate imagery on the exterior of the vehicle.”

According to spectators, a nude woman was depicted on a vintage Volkswagen.

“The content was completely inappropriate for a family event. The participant is being notified this week and the city is making minor adjustments to the application process, as well as our onsite check-in and registration activities before commencement, to ensure inappropriate floats are not permitted to participate. Had city staff seen the imagery before the parade, we clearly would have pulled the participant.” City Manager Dylan Feik said.

“Many street vendors were selling hot dogs, light up toys and a variety of goodies. Some participants are supportive of these vendors, others are not. During permitted special events these vendors are not allowed to operate. The city does try to balance the need to provide efficient, effective public safety while also allowing businesses to vend and enjoy the holiday season. Despite our efforts to kindly ask vendors to leave, they temporarily do, only to return to the parade once city staff are no longer in the area. We’ll be reviewing this practice to determine how best to provide a quality event.”


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