Monrovia Street Fair & Market Relocating This Friday

The move will create continuity between expanded outdoor dining and the fair. | Photo courtesy of Old Town Monrovia on Facebook

Over the last several weeks, staff has been working with the Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board (MOTAB), Old Town business owners, and the Monrovia Street Fair & Market operator, Raw Inspiration, related to the possible relocation of the fair to the 500 block on Myrtle Avenue.

Currently, the Street Fair is staged in the 700 and 800 blocks of Myrtle Avenue from Olive Avenue to Chestnut Avenue. This location has worked well; however, the proposed relocation to the north, could prove to be better for everyone.

The city is currently closing Myrtle Avenue every Friday and Saturday nights for expanded outdoor dining. Extending the closure to the south one block to host the Street Fair, creates a continuity between the two programs and may generate more foot traffic for all businesses in Old Town.

MOTAB reviewed the proposed relocation at its Nov. 10 Board meeting and approved the plan for a trial period through January 2021. At that time the Board will evaluate the move to determine how things are working for the community and Raw Inspiration.

The relocation will go into effect on Friday.


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