New Design for Monrovia Utility Bill Arrives in February

Informative flyer about the new design. – Courtesy image / City of Monrovia

By Susan Motander

Now that the City Council has changed its policy to be in accordance with recent state legislation regarding shutting off utilities, a new design has been created for the city bills. It will make its debut next month. Starting in February, the newly designed bills will begin appearing. The January bills included a flyer explaining the new format.

If you did not save that flyer, this is a brief rundown of the bills (you can also go to this week’s City Manager’s Update at and click on the link contained in that update).

The biggest change is that there will no longer be delinquent notices sent out. These will be included on the next month’s bill in red so that there can be no missing the notice. The words “PAST DUE” will appear at the top left-hand side of the bill and below that in the account summary the amount past due will also appear in glaring red. The total amount due will appear under the account information (address, account and customer numbers etc.) at the top right-hand side of the bill.

The balance of the statement will include such exciting information as the exact date the meter was read and a consumption history of the account. The bottom is, of course, the bill stub to be included with the payment.  

For more information, check the city’s web site or call City Hall at (626) 932-5550.


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