Report Your Monrovia Coyote Sightings to Help Researchers

University of California researchers want to know more about urban coyotes. – Courtesy photo

Coyotes are present in urban neighborhoods year-round and play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to keep rodent populations under control. 

However, coyotes can sometimes pose a potential danger to pets and humans. Thus, residents in foothill communities like Monrovia must be vigilant and reduce exposure by limiting potential food and shelter resources.

To assist in tracking coyote interactions with humans and pets, the University of California Cooperative Extension has developed the Coyote Cacher online tool and interactive map. If you see coyotes in your neighborhood, you may report your encounter to help inform researchers of evolving trends in human-coyote interactions. You can also sign up for coyote encounter email alerts for your zip code.



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