Sales Tax Increase Passes in Special Election, Keeps Funds in Monrovia

Monrovians will pay increased local sales tax from 9.5% to 10.25%, the maximum allowed under state law, after Measure K passed during the special election Tuesday.

Measure K, also known as the Keep Monrovia Revenues Local Sales Tax, was put on the ballot through a vote of the Monrovia City Council to prevent Los Angeles County from receiving additional funds through local sales tax in Monrovia.

With this increase, the county can no longer impose tax increases on Monrovia. Currently, LA county is considering a one-half cent sales tax measure to fund clean air initiatives, being pursued by The South Coast Air Quality Management District, and a possible increase in the Homeless Sales Tax. Should any future county tax increases pass, Monrovia would be exempt from them.

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County tax increases have been touted as an inevitably by many Measure K supporters, such as Mayor Tom Adams.

The measure will raise approximately $4.5 million annually, to be used locally. According to the ballot question, funds will be used for “…community center improvements, police, fire, 911, senior services, parks, recreation, clean water” and other purposes.

Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, El Monte, Covina, and Glendora are other cities in LA county that have already reached the maximum sales tax of 10.25%.

These are considered preliminary results, according to Monrovia City Clerk Alice Atkins, as there are still 100 provisional ballots and 526 vote-by-mail ballots (as of Wednesday afternoon) to process and verify before counting and certifying. However, these 626 ballots are not enough to change the result.

Certified results will be announced on Friday, Nov. 15.


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