Trump Supporters Descend Upon Monrovia Library Park Friday

Trump supporter holds poster reading: “12 more years. 4 for Trump. 8 for Pence.” | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

A cluster of vocal supporters of President Donald Trump took to the corner of Lime and Myrtle on Friday morning encouraging people who have not yet voted to cast their ballot for the president.

The 50 or 60 supporters held signs, waved flags and asked passing motorists to honk for support. Most drivers we witnessed during one hour were more than happy to comply.

Some drivers sported huge flags that said “Trump 2020…No More Bull—-” and repeatedly drove up and down Myrtle.

Driver holds flag outside car window reading “Trump 2020 No More Bull—-.” | Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

There was also a tent for merchandise sales, including the ubiquitous “Make America Grate Again” (MAGA) hats which were available in red, white and blue. Those seemed to be selling out fast.

One supporter donned a MAGA hat replete with a sign that read “12 more years: 4 for Trump and 8 for Pence.”

Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

The rally was intimidating to some as they dropped off their ballot, according to a Facebook page called Monrovia Happenings. The Facebook post reminded voters that intimidation is indeed a crime and also encouraged people to seek alternate drop boxes if they felt uncomfortable. However, there were city staff and poll workers present, according to the Facebook post.

Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News


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