Lyft in Monrovia is Almost Too Successful


Regular Lyft rides will rise to $3. – Courtesy photo / Stock Catalog (CC BY 2.0)

By Susan Motander

After a three-month trial period, Lyft and LimeBike are a success. In fact Lyft is, perhaps, too successful. Monrovians are using the new, subsidized transportation system to such a level that the city was set to run out of designated transportation funds before the end of the year.

To prevent the end of this highly successful program, the city council voted Tuesday to modify the program. Now, shared rides on Lyft will remain 50¢, but regular Lyft rides will rise to $3.

Now to stay at the lower rate, just click on shared ride on the Lyft application on your smart phone. You will be paired with someone in your area going to the approximate same location. It may mean leaving a bit more time to get to your destination but you will retain the lower rate. The city will continue to subsidize that ride.

If pressed for time, it will still be possible to order a private Lyft ride; it will cost more. The city will continue to subsidize both types of rides but with the new two-tiered structure city staff has estimated that the designated funds will last the remainder of the year.

The council also voted to continue the successful LimeBike program, but not to extend it to include scooter rental. The city will continue its education program regarding bicycle safety.

August 9, 2018

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