Monrovia Addresses Quality Issues With Athens Services

Have you been having problems with Athens Services? – Courtesy photo / David Guo (CC BY 2.0)

Monrovia city staff has been monitoring community feedback regarding concerns with Athens trash service. Specifically, staff has noticed an increase in complaints regarding poor customer service, inconsistent trash pick-up times, missed trash pick-up issues, and the lack of bear resistant trash cans available for the public.

Given these identified issues, staff met with Athens representatives to emphasize the city’s expectation that trash services in Monrovia be delivered in a much more thoughtful and effective manner. Based on the discussions Athens will be taking corrective measures and communicating with their operations manager, route supervisor, customer service representatives, and trash truck drivers about the need to provide better service more consistently.

In addition, the city has instituted a new monitoring and tracking system with Athens to identify and log missed trash service days. If a customer has repeated instances of missed trash pickups (three or more within each 90-day period), the city will be sent a report so they can further investigate the issues and resolve the matter. The city will continue monitoring this issue.

September 11, 2018

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