Monrovia Agrees to Accept Additional Land for the HWP

Hikers in the Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve. – Courtesy photo by Terry Miller


By Susan Motander

On Tuesday, the Monrovia City Council voted unanimously to accept two new parcels of land as an addition to the Hillside Wilderness Preserve.  The Trust for Public Land (TPL) has been negotiating to purchase two parcels of land adjacent to the Hillside Wilderness Preserve. The two properties are currently owned by Lee Horstman. The TPL asked if the city of Monrovia would take ownership of the properties if the group was able to purchase the land.

Council Member Gloria Crudgington called the potential gift to the city “an early Christmas present. Council Member Becky Shevil echoed that sentiment saying “Merry Christmas to us.” The two properties total 157.31 acres and are surrounded by the HWP and other publicly owned lands.

In an unrelated action, the council also finalized the rules for conduct in the HWP.  A complete list of those rules can be found on this publication’s website:



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