Monrovia City Council Ratifies Local Emergency Proclamation

city plans for Covid-19 ratifies emergency delcaration
– Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

At Tuesday night’s Monrovia City Council meeting, the city’s emergency response received an update. Following the presentation, City Council approved the city manager’s proclamation of an existence of a local emergency. The local emergency shall remain in place until it is terminated by the City Council.

The continued existence of a local state of emergency enables the city to seek reimbursement for expenditures made responding to the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). 

As part of the resolution, council approved several measures, which take effect immediately, intended to alleviate the community including:

  • Suspending discontinuation or shut-off of water service for residents and businesses in the city for non-payment of water bills through the end of April.
  • Suspending the imposition of late payment penalties or fees for delinquent water and/or sewer bills through the end of April.
  • Suspending parking enforcement activities except for illegal parking considered a hazard or danger to the public.
  • Suspending the imposition of late payment penalties or fees for parking violations in the city. 

As of Wednesday, access to city buildings — including City Hall, Public Works, Fire Stations 101 and 102, and the Police Station — is restricted. To maintain essential functioning and protect staff, city employees will conduct business with the community via the telephone, emails, texts or other virtual tools.


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