Monrovia Launches New Website for Development Questions

The home page of the new website. - Courtesy screenshot
The home page of the new website. – Courtesy screenshot

To provide more information on the unprecedented development interest taking place in Monrovia, the city has spent the last few months creating a new website focused on helping residents and businesses learn more about each project and to also answer frequently asked questions about the impacts these development may have on the community. The website ( includes pages on all the major areas of concern, such as:

  • parking.
  • traffic.
  • affordable housing.
  • water.
  • public safety.
  • and more.

On March 20, the city held a joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting to review the upcoming major development projects that will be considered for entitlements starting later this year. The commission, council, and community members provided feedback at the meeting that will help guide next steps as these projects move through review. The major projects that are likely going to be considered by the city this year include:

Trammel Crow Residential – “The Alexan Specific Plan”

  • A 436-unit project proposed to be built at 1625 S. Magnolia Ave.

Fifield Realty Corporation – “West Pomona Transit District”

  • A 310-unit project proposed to be built at 123 W. Pomona Ave.

MW Investment Group – “Arroyo at Monrovia Station”

  • A 284-unit project proposed to be built on the city block bound by South Magnolia to the west, South Primrose to the east, West Evergreen to the north, and West Pomona to the south

City Park-and-Ride Lot

  • A proposed hotel project located on the city’s park-and-ride lot at the southwest corner of Myrtle and Pomona avenues.

For in-depth details on each project and to track each project as it moves through the development process over the next several months, you can also visit the Development Spotlight page on the main city website.


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