Monrovia Officer of the Year Named

(Left to right) Officer Ramos receiving his award from Chief Sanvictores. – Photo by Susan Motander / Beacon Media News

By Susan Motander

Last week, the Monrovia Police Department named its Police Officer of the Year for 2018 and honored him with its Distinguished Service Medal. Officer Rosendo Ramos III was presented with a medal to recognize this award by Chief Alan Sanvictores.

According to the citation with which Ramos was presented, he has been a member of the Monrovia Police Department for just over a year. Before the presentation ceremony, the chief praised Ramos for his work ethic.  As the citation reads, the medal “is indicative of his steadfast and tenacious dedication to duty.”

That dedication to duty was exemplified by two separate incidents that occurred when Ramos was off duty. In one incident, he noticed a sheriff’s deputy involved in a fight with a suspect while trying to detain him. Ramos stopped and after identifying himself as a police officer, assisted the deputy while waiting for backup units to arrive.

Perhaps the more dramatic incident occurred when Ramos was driving down the 210 Freeway with his father. They noticed a motorcyclist “down” and immediately stopped to give assistance to the biker. Ramos directed traffic around the downed biker until the paramedics arrived. It was not until the next day that Ramos discovered that motorcyclist was Monrovia Police Lieutenant Patty Newton.

For all this and for “his professionalism, commitment to service, and dedication to the Monrovia Police Department and the community he serves, Officer Rosendo Ramos III” was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and named Officer of the Year.

June 19, 2019

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