Monrovia Police Still Have No Clues in Oscar Garcia’s Death

Friends have been adding tributes to Oscar Garcia’s memorial at Monrovia’s skate park ever since the shooting of the popular skateboarder in April.
– Courtesy photo / Ralph Walker

Sheriff’s officials still seek the identity of a suspect in the shooting in Monrovia that took the life of a teenager, Oscar Garcia, in late April.

As the three friends hung out in the garage of one of their homes, an unknown man unexpectedly approached the door. He pointed a handgun at them, and after a brief verbal exchange, the stranger fired several rounds at each one in the trio of friends. The female was not hurt, but both Garcia and the other male juvenile were struck in the torso by gunfire and suffered serious injuries.

The suspect ran away from the damage he caused, and fled southbound on foot toward an alley behind the house and out of view.
One of the residents dialed 9-1-1 to summon emergency assistance. The Monrovia Police Department and paramedic personnel responded and found the two males suffering from their wounds. The male juvenile was transported to a local hospital for medical attention, but Oscar was pronounced dead at the scene.

After all clues and tips were probed, and all investigatory leads were exhausted, the detectives approached the media at a press conference on Thursday, May 11, asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect in the shooting in Monrovia.

The suspect is described as a male, Hispanic with a light complexion, 20 to 25 years old, approximately six feet tall, medium build, brown eyes, short, black hair, and a goatee. At the time of the crime, the suspect wore dark clothing and a baseball cap with an unknown logo on the front.


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