Monrovians Say ‘No Way’ to One-Way Street Plans

Residents who attended the block party on Fig and Ivy were vocal in their opposition to the proposed city plan to make both streets into one-way lanes. – Courtesy photo

By Susan Motander

The City of Monrovia hosted a block party near the corner of East Fig and South Ivy Avenues on Saturday morning to get input from the community regarding the proposed change of Ivy and Primrose to one-way streets. Those attending the meeting were extremely vocal in their opposition to the plan.

The proposal calls for Ivy to change from a two way street with parking on both sides to a single northbound lane with a separate protected bike way on the right side and parking along both the curb on the west side and along the barrier to the bike lane on the east side.

Many of those attending were concerned about the reduced access to the 210 Freeway. There was also speculation on the impact of increased traffic down the alley behind Ivy to replace the southbound traffic flow. The alley currently provides a safe area behind the homes on Ivy for children to play as most drivers prefer traveling on Ivy.

Others noted that the one-way extended only to Lime Avenue on the north and not all the way up to the foothills. A large part of the residential areas impacted by the proposed plan are inhabited by minority families. Several of those attending the meeting questioned the equity of the proposed plan.

Concerns were also voiced regarding the impact on traffic as a whole, as the plan would eliminate two lanes of traffic; instead of the current two streets with a total of two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes.  The plan would limit traffic to one lane going north on Ivy and one going south on Primrose. City Manager Oliver Chi who made the presentation on Saturday said that the city traffic engineers had reviewed and approved the proposed plan.

The plan is only a proposal.  The city will continue to review the proposal and gain further input from the community.

July 3, 2018

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