Nail Salons, Spas, Tattoo Shops, Casinos, Bars and Wineries Can Reopen in L.A. County

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Los Angeles County is reopening additional personal and recreational services to residents including nail salons, bars and casinos.

The announcement comes as overall case counts increase, though officials attribute that to more widespread testing, and there is more community transmission. However, officials reiterate that the county continues to see steady decreases in the rate of COVID-19 infections and virus-related hospitalizations and deaths.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) announced that the Health Officer Order would be modified to include infection control and distancing requirements for re-opening the following sectors on Friday:

  • Nail salons.
  • Cosmetology services.
  • Spas offering aesthetic and massage services.
  • Tattoo and piercing shops.
  • Tanning salons.
  • Casinos, card rooms and satellite wagering sites.
  • Bar and wineries not anchored to food services.

These businesses will be able to open, in some cases at limited capacity, once they have the appropriate infection control and distancing requirements in place.

In addition, protests and faith-based services held outdoors will no longer have limits on how many people can participate, starting Friday.

Public health guidance documents will be posted as soon as they are available:

The county is in line with State of California guidelines. Los Angeles County’s seven-day death average has not increased, the three-day hospitalization average is down 5% and the seven-day testing average is above the state’s requirement at 17,000 tests conducted per day. The positivity rate is 8%, which is in line with the state’s requirements. However, earlier in the week California Health & Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said the state is concerned by the county’s number of cases per 100,000 people.

Detailed data and metrics on the reopening guidelines can be found here.

Los Angeles County remains in Phase 3 of the State’s Resilience Roadmap.

If at any time the county’s rate of infection and other key metrics demonstrate a rapid acceleration of new cases that threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system, the Public Health and the Board of Supervisors may need to limit future re-openings or close reopened sectors.

Getting a manicure, a massage or a tattoo, or going to a card room will be a different experience than it was before the pandemic. Each sector reopening will have strict infection control directives in place. Please see below for highlights from each sector.

Just as is required for all out-of-home activities, visitors and staff will have to practice physical distancing and wear cloth face coverings. There will be limited capacity and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures. People feeling sick should stay home.

Still closed are movie theaters, live performance theaters, entertainment centers, concert halls and venues, stadiums, arenas, gaming facilities, theme parks, lounges and nightclubs, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas not located on a residential property and festivals.

Click here for a detailed list of what is currently open and closed in L.A. County.

Click here for frequently asked questions by residents about resuming the use of previously closed sectors.

The plans for reopening are part of a phased progression that provides residents, employees and customers with safety protections to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Highlights of the Guidelines for Reopening

  • All employees and customers will be screened for symptoms, including cough and fever. Anyone feeling unwell should stay home.
  • Customers must wear a face covering at all times, unless exempted for a particular service.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained and capacity will be limited.
  • Waiting rooms will be limited or closed and amenities, such as magazines, will be removed.
  • Reservations are required for personal services.
  • Contactless forms of payments are encouraged.

Additional information for individual sectors:

Nail Services

  • Staff must wear a cloth face covering at all times. Staff may be required to wear a respirator, which is necessary when ventilation is insufficient to reduce exposure below permissible exposure limits established in state code.
  • For certain procedures workers may need to wear, in addition to their face covering, a face shield and gloves.
  • You may not receive multiple services, for example a manicure and a pedicure, at the same time.
  • Reservations are required.

Esthetician, Skin Care, Electrolysis and Cosmetology Services

  • Customers must wear face coverings at all times while in the facility, except when the face covering must be removed for the performance of services involving that part of the face.
  • In addition to face coverings, staff are required to wear a face shield when they are providing services that do not enable the client to wear a face covering. Staff should also wear disposable gloves throughout the entire esthetic service.

Massage Services

  • Staff must wash their hands before any services are provided.
  • Customers must wear face coverings during the entirety of the massage service.
  • Hand treatments will be provided as the last part of the service.

Tattoo and Piercing Services

  • Gloves are required throughout the tattoo and piercing sessions.
  • Mouth/nose area piercings and tattooing are suspended.

Card rooms

  • Occupancy is limited to 50%, and food and beverages are only allowed at restaurants and bars.

Bars and wineries

  • Bars and wineries may serve only alcohol and the establishment does not need to be affiliated with food services, as the previous order required.
  • Customers will not be able to order drinks at the bar or counter.
  • Capacity is limited to 50% and customers will need to be seated to order and consume beverages.
  • No entertainment is allowed.


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