New GoMonrovia Pricing Takes Effect June 1

Regular Lyft rides will rise to $3. – Courtesy photo / Stock Catalog (CC BY 2.0)
Regular Lyft rides will rise to $3. – Courtesy photo / QC Pictures (CC BY 2.0)

In an effort to make GoMonrovia financially sustainable—the program currently faces a budget deficit— city staff will implement the following program adjustments to bring GoMonrovia costs in-line with available revenues:

  • Institute a price shift of $1.50 for shared and regular rides.
    • 50 cents for shared ride for any ride to/from Old Town and the Gold Line Station. Of note, the pricing for this trip would not be impacted.
    • $2.50 for a shared ride anywhere else in the service area.
    • $5 for a classic ride anywhere in the service area.
  • Institute minor service area changes. (LA County opted out of participating in the on-demand Lyft portion of the GoMonrovia program, so the unincorporated LA County areas adjacent to Monrovia were removed from the service area on April 1.)

City Council has also directed city staff to evaluate making trips to hospitals 50 cents.

Staff has been working with Lyft to implement these changes that will take effect on June 1.


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