Phony Funeral Solicitor in Monrovia Fakes Man’s Death

At 11 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 Hetty Chang, from NBC4 News reported a man had been soliciting around Monrovia asking for funds for “his brother’s” funeral. “His brother” however is very much alive and in fact has no relation to the solicitor.

It took the family of the individual whose face is plastered on the solicitor’s poster by surprise when they saw him at a nearby bus stop. The solicitor in the video recorded by the victim’s mother, Valerie, relays to her that “his brother” has just passed from a heart attack. Valerie, clearly infuriated by his outright lie, confesses that the individual pictured in the photo is in fact her son.

Valerie told NBC4, “It’s frustrating because you’re benefiting. You are trying to make profit off of his face.”

Police have not yet identified the solicitor as a suspect. Valerie plans to file a police report and all she wants is for the man to stop using her son’s photo.


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