Restaurant Application for Great Plates Delivered Reopened

Courtesy photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

The County of Los Angeles is reopening the online application for restaurants interested in the Great Plates Delivered program.

To access the online application, visit here

At this time, the program does not have enough eligible meal applicants to enable allocations to new restaurants other than if there is an unmet need due to client location or special meal requirements (kosher, halal, vegan, vegetarian).

The County will begin matching the newly contracted restaurants with meal applicants upon demand increasing.

Restaurants who’ve already submitted the Food Provider Interest Form with the State of California must also fill out the online application for L.A. County to be considered. 

The restaurant enrollment process for Great Plates Delivered includes five steps:  

  1. Fill out the L.A. County online application form here
  2. Confirm and sign the Master Agreement.To see a sample master agreement, visit here
  3. Register as an L.A. County vendor here
  4. Receive work order (based on demand).
  5. Set up method of payment by direct deposit here

Great Plates Delivered Restaurant Onboarding Packet

To prepare restaurants for enrollment, the County has created an “Onboarding Packet” with the following information: 

Have Questions?

Visit for more information. 


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