SoCal WaterSmart’s Turf Removal Program Returns to Monrovia

Monrovia is still in a drought and the city has ways to help you save water. – Courtesy photo

Receive a rebate of $1 per square-foot of turf removed

The Metropolitan Water District is offering a turf removal program back by popular demand. The Landscape Transformation Program is available for residential and commercial properties. Be sure to review all eligibility criteria and submit your application to reserve funds before starting your project.

Rebate Reservation Eligibility:

  • You must apply to reserve your landscape transformation rebate in advance. Do not start your project before receiving your rebate reservation or you will be disqualified.
  • You must have existing turf.
  • All landscape transformation projects must be within the Metropolitan Water District’s service area in order to qualify. The City of Monrovia falls in this area through membership in the Upper District.

Landscape Project Eligibility:

  • Your project must have a minimum of 250-square-feet of turf removed, or if the entire front yard is less than 250-square-feet, all turf must be removed.
  • All projects are required to include irrigation modification or conversion, such as:
    • Converting over-head sprays to drip, micro-spray, bubblers, or rotating nozzles; whichever is applicable.
    • Or, cap sprinkler heads or remove irrigation equipment and hand-water.

Planting Requirements:

  • Do not include any live turf, turf-looking grasses, synthetic turf, or any invasive plants, even if they are drought-tolerant or California natives.
  • Include at least five plants per 100-square-feet in the project area.
  • Include three inches depth of mulch around all plants. Mulch, rock, or decomposed granite must cover any bare spaces within project area (no bare soil is allowed).

Hardscape Requirements:

  • All hardscape (e.g., broken concrete, flagstone, etc.) must be permeable to air and water and use an approved filler (i.e., loose sand) to reduce surface area runoff.
  • Exclude any impermeable surfaces or new structures (i.e., patios, decks) from your turf removal measurements.
  • Must be designed to capture rainfall through infiltration or on-site storage for reuse. Eligible techniques can include: rain gardens, rock gardens, dry river beds, swales, berms, grades, rain barrels and cisterns.

For a full list of program requirements and to apply for your turf removal rebate now, visit SoCal WaterSmart’s landscape transformation page.

September 7, 2018

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