Southern California Edison Installs New Infrastructure in Chantry Flat Area

Chantry Flat comes into view. – Courtesy photo / Mitch Barrie (CC BY-S 2.0)

On Friday, July 17, Southern California Edison (SCE) experienced a failure within their system that caused Emergency Services within the area to have communications issues. Upon inspection, SCE discovered that their infrastructure was no longer in working condition. 

This week, SCE will begin a three- to four-week project to replace the infrastructure. During this time, residents may notice helicopters near the Chantry Flat area in Arcadia. The new infrastructure helps ensure that Emergency Services in the area have a reliable power source for public safety equipment.

SCE will be staging equipment in the Highland side of Monrovia’s Hillside Wilderness Preserve (HWP). Given the location within the HWP, Monrovia city staff will be performing inspections regularly during the project period to ensure the all precautions are taken in protecting the HWP.  


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