Two more schools targeted by false threats

Two more schools targeted by false threats
Caller may be same person
By Terry Miller
In what appears to be a carbon copy of Monday’s false report of a suspect with an AK 47 at Santa Fe Middle School, two schools in Duarte were locked down Tuesday while deputies from the sheriff’s department searched for a possible gunman.
Numerous deputies from Monrovia, LASD and Irwindale joined in the search of Duarte High where the main focus was.
Sheriff’s deputies directed anxious parents and guardians to pick up their loved ones at the Best Buy parking lot Central and Mountain avenues but not all parents complied. Many parents, angered by the lack of information provided to them, attempted to get near the school entrance on Central via Evergreen but were advised by Monrovia officers to stay clear of the scene.

A note on the District website said “Parents and guardians, thank you for your patience. All of our students and staff are safe. Students at both Duarte High and Northview will remain in their classrooms until the police give the all clear for the schools to dismiss students. In the meantime, staff is following all appropriate Shelter in Place and Lock Down Procedures. Parents will receive a call from the district/schools notifying them of the proper dismissal procedures as soon as the police department issues the all clear. Thank you.”
The schools went on lockdown at about 2 p.m. and according to one officer who heard the 9-1-1 tapes, the caller was indeed the very same man who called yesterday warning of the Santa Fe Middle School incident, “ absolutely…the same individual,” the officer told Beacon Media.
The school was officially unlocked at about 4:30 and students reunited with their families. No suspect was found.


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