Water and Sewer Rates Are Set to Go Up in January

That rate increase will occur in January 2019. – Courtesy photo

By Susan Motander

In October of this year, the City Council held a publically-noticed meeting in accordance with the requirements of Proposition 218 and voted to raise the sewer and water rates.  That rate increase will occur in January 2019.

The residential rate will go up from $9.05 to $9.29 per month.  Multi-unit dwellings and trailer parks will increase the same amount for the first unit or space, plus an additional $5.21 for each additional unit/space (up from $5.07).  Commercial/Industrial rates will also be increasing proportionally.

The water service charge for a typical single-family residence will go up from $30.56 to $34.53.  Per-unit consumption charge for 748-gallon unit will increase from $1.81 to $2.05.  The City has estimated that the typical monthly rate will be approximately $65.28.

For more information on this, go to cityofmonrovia.org/utilities or call (626) 932-5517.  Information about these rate changes is being mailed out to all residents.


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