Will Senator Harris’ NRA Encroach Monrovia’s Wilderness Preserve?

NRA Boundary Overlaid On Monrovia. – Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

By Susan Motander

California Senator Kamala Harris has proposed legislation that would create a National Recreation Area (NRA) in the San Gabriel Mountains. Harris’ legislation is a companion act to that of Congresswoman Judy Chu that calls for the same NRA.

According to City Manager Oliver Chi, city staff members have been trying to research the two pieces of legislation to find a map of the proposed NRA. Chi wrote that despite being told by Harris’ staff that no map exists, a map is referred to in the proposed legislation.

To review it, go to the city’s website and search for the City Manager’s Update.

NRA Boundary Map. – Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

At first glance, there does not seem to be any impact on non-federally owned land. However, it may create an additional layer of oversight over some portions of Monrovia. Since the Secretary of the Interior does not have to prepare a Management Plan for the NRA until three years after the passage of the law, some questions remain.

Chi promises to keep the community informed on the impact of the proposed legislation.

December 27, 2018

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  1. John Monsen says:

    Natural areas within many cities happily reside in the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area (SMMNRA) as would areas adjacent to the San Gabriel Mountains reside within the national recreation area envisioned by Rep. Chu and Senator Harris. Griffith Park in Los Angeles and a wildlife corridor west to the Santa Monica Mountains are within the SMMNRA, which leads to better management of wildlife and the mountain lions that visit and sometimes inhabit Griffith Park. The regional resources provided with an recreation area are a benefit. No rights or perogatives of the City of Monrovia would be altered in any way by the overlay of a recreation area designation. Please give a call to the City of Agoura Hills, Los Angeles or Malibu if you want to check this out.

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