Monrovia Kiwanis, Police and Plymouth Unite to Help Homeless

Diane Balsamo and fellow Monrovia Kiwanis members teamed up with Monrovia School District’s Plymouth School for a unique project to help the young students understand the importance of community service, albeit at a rather early age.

As Balsamo pointed out, you’re never too young to help others and this hopefully will encourage the young people to do more for their community.

Last week, Monrovia Weekly was invited to see the children in action making bags of personal care items and necessities that Monrovia Police Department (MPD) officers will hand out while on patrol to homeless people in need.

The enthusiastic youngsters spent time placing the items in the bag along with a personal note of hope and kindness that they carefully placed inside the care packages. Once the afternoon project was complete, the Kiwanis-Kids (K-Kids) helped load up an MPD police car with the finished products.

Kiwanis and Monrovia PD

Police officer Ian Vanderburg and MPD School Resource Officer Thomas Montes gave the kids a little help in loading up the vehicle and then extended the obligatory high-five to each of the participants.

K-Kids Week allows Kiwanis members to show their community what K-Kids are truly about: service. Each day emphasizes service, to promote K-Kids within homes, schools and communities, and to make K-Kids a household name. 

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