Joe Ramsey of Resistor Records, Monrovia, Passes Away

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Beacon Media featured Resistor Records in November last Year. Joe (second from left) is pictured here with crew at Resistor – Photo by Terry Miller

Joe Ramsey passed away on the evening of December 29, 2014 at the Arcadia Methodist Hospital, with his wife Allison by his side. Joe leaves behind a loving legacy, two daughters (ages six and three), and an amazing wife. Joe was somewhat of a public figure in our local area and was well known in the business community of Monrovia as well as wider circles in the music industry. The loss of such a kind and generous soul will not be easy for anyone who knew him. But without Joe to provide for his family, things have suddenly become terribly difficult for them. Joe’s passing was the result of a decade long battle with medical problems consisting of a heart attack, cancer, and a recent stroke. This has resulted in an unbelievable amount of both past and present medical bills, and financial help is urgently needed.
Joe Ramsey was fond of the town where he grew up, Arcadia, California, and graduated from Arcadia High School in 1974. In the heyday of Southern California rock music, the 1970’s, locals might remember Joe from his presence in a number of locally popular rock bands. Joe was one of the proprietors of the short-lived, but hugely fun “Marquee West” rock club in Arcadia. He later went on to record professionally with “The Prime Movers.” When The Prime Movers disbanded in 1989, Joe hatched the idea for a new group that would call itself “Dread Zeppelin.”
After several years in and out of the music business, Joe settled in his “old stomping grounds” here in the Arcadia/Monrovia/Sierra Madre area. His final project was helping to launch the Resistor Records vinyl shop, located in Monrovia, California. Joe formed many ties and friendships with the Monrovia community, and his loss is felt especially hard in the Monrovia business community where he was well-known and liked.
Sierra Madre Sue (Berhens) recently e-mailed me the sad news of Joe’s passing.
We did a small story of the birth of Resistor Records in Monrovia only in November. Joe was a true delight to interview and just talk music.
We at Beacon Media express our sincere condolences to the family at this difficult time.

If you can help the family there is a donation page set up!


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