Memorial for Harry Sneider slated July 12


Harry Sneider pictured with his wife Sarah with that enigmatic but addictive smile. – Photo by Terry Miller

Harry Sneider, a contributor over the years to Arcadia Weekly, has passed. He was a world renowned fitness trainer, coach and trainer to Olympic athletes and longtime friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack LaLanne. His memorial will be July 12 at 5pm at the former Ambassador College Student Center,
currently Maranatha High School Student Center, at 169 S. St. John, Pasadena.

Harry was a world record holder in the bench press, pressing 450 lbs at age 61! As a professional fitness trainer he trained many actors including Susan Anton for her role in Golden Girl and Tony Dow, “Wally” in “Leave it to Beaver”. Coach Sneider trained Olympic medalists including Dwight Stones, high jumper; James Butts, triple jumper; and Mark Gorski, cyclist. Harry was nominated Track and Field Coach for the 1984 Olympics.

One of Coach Sneider’s memorable trainees was Bob Wieland, who had his legs blown off from the hips down while serving in the Vietnam War. Harry completed four marathons with Bob and encouraged Bob on his walk across the United States on his knuckles to The White House. Coach Sneider was always
eager to help others achieve their ultimate human potential.

Most of all Harry was a champion person! Overcoming an early childhood injury leaving him handicapped, he was an inspiration, a motivator, and touched the lives of many around the world with his positive attitude. He truly was larger than life.


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