Ann Meyers Drysdale Has the Credentials of a Winner

By Harry Sneider

Olympian, Superstars Winner, General Manager in the WNBA

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Harry Sneider with Ann Meyers Drysdale, a winner. -Photo by Sarah Sneider

Miss Bodybuilding World Lynn Conkwright gave us a call to help her train for the ABC Superstars in 1982. This tiny lady was only 5’1”. She had muscles, charisma and the drive of a champion. Lynn was a world class bodybuilder who wanted to prove herself against the greatest female athletes in the world. This competition included running, cycling, basketball, tennis, rowing, as well as an obstacle course. Her competitors were some of the greatest athletes of that time like Martina Navratilova, Nancy Lieberman, as well as the champion Ann Meyers. Ann was a legend from the 1976 Olympics where she won a silver medal in basketball.
Ann was a pioneer in breaking into women’s sports in 1972 with the Title IX. This opened the door for women to have equal footing in athletic competitions. She received a scholarship to UCLA where she became an All-American as well as competed for the United States in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. After the Olympics there was a tribute gathering at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles where I had a chance to say a few words of congratulations for her achievements. During the time I was there James Butts, a UCLA graduate as well as a silver medalist in the triple jump, asked me if I could be his coach. I was coaching Dwight Stones, a high jumper, who also went to UCLA.
Ann has exhibited a positive attitude in helping athletes achieve their potential in sports as well as life. She has written a wonderful autobiography called “You Let Some Girl Beat You?” It’s available on Ann and Don fell in love at the 1982 Superstars where we were coaching Lynn. Don Drysdale, a pitching legend for the Dodgers, had a warm engaging personality and as a trainer of baseball players I had a chance to spend some quality time with him. It was very sad to see Don pass away at a young age. Ann had three children with Don. They are all winners in life because their parents were champions in not only sport but in living.
Recently at the Southern California Broadcasters Luncheon my wife Sarah and I had a chance to visit with Ann some 30 years later after Superstars. Ann is very involved in basketball as well as keeping her family in shape. We are thrilled to know Ann as a winner. She has much to offer athletes and all of us in life.
Ann has: 1. Shown character throughout her life. 2. She did not let personal challenges get her down. 3. She has offered positive comments on how to be happy in living. 4. She has passed on her knowledge of basketball and positive living to young athletes. 5. Her future looks very bright as a broadcaster and as a speaker. 6. She continues to stay in shape. 7. She depends on a higher power to guide her.
You are made to win. Let your life be an inspiration. Start your fitness routine today.
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