For Women Only: Fit into Your Wedding Dress Again

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Pasadena Fitness Trainer Shows Women When and How They Eat Can Help Shed Unwanted Inches

Fitness trainer Lauren Saracione, owner of Pilates Barbell Club, is hosting a fun “field trip and cooking class” at the private home of one of her regular clients on Saturday June 16 from 1pm to 4pm. Open to any woman (no men allowed) who is interested in fitness and shedding extra pounds and inches, Lauren promises to share dietary secrets she is personally using to get into her own wedding dress for her marriage later this summer.

“I have been on the diet for the last several weeks and love I it!” says Saracione. “Some of my ‘barbelles’ (aka fitness clients) have started the diet, and everyone is very happy.” Lots of recipes, including baked goods and even pancakes, can be made with ingredients that trigger fat-burning.
Apparently it is possible to eat carbohydrates and have them help you lose weight. By eating the right foods at the right time, the body can best utilize natural hormones and insulin to release stored fat.

Lauren herself was a skeptic. Her work demanded she be in top shape, but with her wedding coming up she wanted to slim down even further. “It’s working for me and it is working for my clients.”

Lauren will be cooking and feeding guests in her client’s spacious kitchen in Pasadena, which overlooks a peaceful meadow and lake. Fitness tips, good and healthy food, and relaxing environment are all

To attend or for more information, go to

June 14, 2012

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