Hello My Name Is…..How to Get Past the First Hello

Your opening line doesn’t have to be so clever but it should be sincere, friendly and warm. – Courtesy photo

“Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away.” games people play Eric Berne

By Hedda Muskat

No matter where you are when you actually meet someone you may be interested in person, not via a video chat, but in the flesh, the first hello can be terrifying. Men tend to focus on the verbal tricks usually with some silly pick up line. The interesting thing is that no matter how cheesy or corny that may be, if the woman finds this man somewhat attractive, it can work. If there is eye contact and your target doesn’t look away in disgust, you may be on to something here.

Read the body language. Then go for the next line. Pick up lines that have an endearing quality about them can break the ice and ease into the start of a conversation past hello. Your opening line doesn’t have to be so clever but it should be sincere, friendly and warm. A simple, “hi there” or “my name is”, is enough to find out if that person is interested. It takes a fraction of a second to gage the moment. If the girl is interested in you, it doesn’t matter how perfect your move is.

The first hello is the start of perfect flirting. It’s important to have another line waiting in the wings to ignite more conversation and trigger some responses from her. Here are 3 tips on how to get past the first hello:

-A safe way to open your conversation is asking a generic question or comment about the environment you’re in.

-Ask for their advice. Such as, “I’m trying to find the perfect gift for my parent’s anniversary. What would you suggest?”

-Or a pick up line right out of the box that’s edgy. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again?”

The key here is to gently make eye contact and see if she smiles or looks like she needs a bathroom.

Are you ready to say “hello”?

Hedda Muskat is the author of The Dating Mystique based on her days as a writer on the TV Show “Love Connection”.



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