How to Tell if You’re Compatible in the First 5 Minutes

Pretty Girl with Goofy Clown Man - Courtesy Photo/
Pretty Girl with Goofy Clown Man – Courtesy Photo/

are you wasting your time with losers?  

 By Hedda Muskat

Do you feel that every date you’ve been on lately is putting you in the face of nothing but losers? Guys who still can’t figure out what they want to be when they grow up and they’re 30 now? Or they are still living in the basement of their parent’s house? Or women who have amassed enough credit card debt to last a lifetime? Loser city. Not a good start if you’re looking to build a future with your potential significant other. What’s great about today’s generation of daters is that these young people are learning from the mistakes of their parents who may be living in a miserable marriage. This has created more confident daters who have no fear to cut their losses after the first date. Next.

So how does one size up the other person on a first date to determine compatibility? Here are 3 quick tips to see if it’s worth even pursuing talking to this new person that just walked into you life. Got 5 minutes?

– Do you feel any chemistry at all? That tingle in your stomach that draws you like a magnet to them. This feeling usually can take less than a minute to feel. But don’t fret if you don’t feel it right away as talking and getting to know someone a little more can turn that chemistry on.

– The talking part: does their voice turn you on or off. If you can’t take a gargling laugh or a man’s duck talk then imagine listening to them quack for the next 60 years. If their voice nauseates you then you may not be compatible.

– The values part. So now you’ve got past the chemistry. You’re turned on. This person is hot, attractive, sexy, and very well put together.  You even get past their voice. It’s soothing, comforting and you could imagine spending the rest of your life with this person. But then you find out about their values. Perhaps they believe in open marriages, or never want kids, or are atheists. If their values are polar opposite to yours you may not be compatible. You can ask questions in the first few minutes to truly learn if this person is worth investing your time and energy with.

When it comes to compatibility that is key in developing a future healthy happy relationship. Without it, you will be selling yourself short of what you deserve.

Hedda Muskat is the author of The Dating Mystique based on her days as a writer on the TV Show “Love Connection”.


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