Lifeline For Pets Cats of the Week: Bugsy and Rocky


Two Male Kittens

These boys are not brothers, but they may as well be. They were rescued together and have been fostered together since. Bugsy is mostly black and has such a cute face! Rocky is black and white, with a cute black spot under his chin. With their excellent fostering they are quickly learning to love the indoor pampered life – including being held, brushed, and petted. They purr and purr! Rocky kneads when being petted. He also does head butts and cheek rubs on your hands. He rolls over for belly rubs. Bugsy is just a bit shyer, but has made great progress! They can be adopted either together or separately. If adopted together, it would qualify for our Twofer Discount – great savings. Make it a special happy new year with these boys!

Convenient adoption application, videos, and pictures are available on the website,

When you adopt from Lifeline for Pets you know you are getting a healthy, much loved kitty who will fit well into your family, and we know that cat will have a lifelong home.

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