Lifeline for Pets Cats of the Week: Kilo & Shenanigans

Shenanigans 4

Kilo 5

Kittens, born 4/30/15

Absolutely adorable siblings! Female Kilo (also called Kiko) is all soft white, with gray lines on the top of her head. She is beautiful and sweet. Her tabby brother, Shenanigans, is so cute and fun. Both of them are healthy, active, and playful. They have been raised together since birth, and are very bonded. For this reason, they will be adopted together, which qualifies them for our Twofer Offer, a great savings to the adopter, and a win-win situation.

We have a convenient adoption application on the website. Their video can be seen here:

Also, see more videos and pictures on our website,

When you adopt from Lifeline for Pets, you know you are getting a healthy, much-loved kitty that will fit well into your family, and we know that cat will have a lifelong home.

Lifeline for Pets is a no-kill rescue organization operated solely by caring volunteers.

Call (626) 676-9505 for more information, or to meet one of our cats.


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