Modern Mingling: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Have A Date This Weekend

Alternative Ways to Meet New People 

By Hedda Muskat

Are you getting bored with the same old ways you’ve been trying to meet people?  Dating websites, dark bars, losers your nosy neighbors try to pawn off on you can make the process of meeting someone new and exciting so clinically depressing. Being single is still way better than being locked into a relationship with someone who is not worthy of you.  Don’t let your loneliness push you to settle for the wrong person.  Don’t let the fact that all your girlfriends are getting married and you’re about to reach 30 and you’re still single.  There are reasons you may still be single and you should embrace that as part of your fate and your protection from jumping into a relationship out of desperation.  Being single now may be the best thing for you until that wonderful person just walks into your life when you least expect them too.  It may be time for you to shake of the old humdrum ways of trying to connect to the person of your dreams and take some fun risks.  You’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe a little pride, if that’s important to you. Here are some unique ways to meet new people to date:

  1. Take a long hike where lots of hikers go.
  2. Hang out where the daredevils go: bungee jumping; parachuting, indoor skydiving
  3. Throw a Friday the 13th Party at your local bar
  4. Dog Shows. Rodeos. Monster Truck Shows, Craft Brewers Expos
  5. Hold Shakespeare night at your local bookstore

If you hate all these ideas there’s always Applebees.

Taking a nose-dive into the deep end can be quite exhilarating.  A change of attitude and a daring approach may be all you need to start fresh.

Hedda Muskat is the author of The Dating Mystique based on her days as a writer on the TV Show “Love Connection”.  

April 3, 2018

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