Monrovia Old Town Report (11/2/17 Issue)

Fencing, solar lights, benches and more are scheduled to be installed in the park. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News
Old Town Monrovia at night. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Pam Fitzpatrick

Before I write each week’s column I like to drop by City Hall Planning desk to see what I can find out.  The staff is usually a wealth of information about new business licenses, inquiries, applications for upgrades, etc., but today – well, today as I write this column, it is Halloween.  If you’ve ever visited City Hall on Halloween, you’ll know what I mean when I say, our Monrovia staff is crazy!  I couldn’t recognize half my usual contacts, and the other half were either full of giggles, or running off to a quick lunch time costume contest.  Here’s everything I learned from them today:  we have happy, friendly (sometimes nutty) people at the best city in the world………

Now, by the time this column hits the streets this Thursday, we will either be in a Dodger-inspired frenzy, or we’ll be sad for one night, then on to thoughts of Thanksgiving.   Some of our Old Town eateries have been great gathering places for the games, while others are a bit quiet lately.  As for retail, neither Halloween nor World Series games do much for our small businesses, but we’re preparing to fill the public’s need for fun after all this is over.

I want to take a minute to thank some Old Town merchants who have offered assistance to Saturday’s O2 Breathe Walk in Library Park.  The event starts at 8:30 this Saturday, Nov. 4, so come early if you still need to register.  Movement Unlimited will be donating water bottles, and The Dollmakers’ Kattywompus will be supplying some fidget spinners for prizes.  Also, thank you Café LuMar for working with the participants for discounted lunches.

One small business update:  Smitten on Paper at 118 E. Colorado has approval for some attractive planters to be placed in front of their business.  Used to be, in days gone by, that merchants would put out decorative plants or benches, etc. on the public right of way, but not today.  Our signage is regulated (no A-frames), our sound is regulated, and our outside sales (aka sidewalk sales) are strictly regulated. It is all for the public good, as well as for the City’s protection.  We now have sidewalks that are ADA regulated, and signage rules to maintain our historic, (somewhat) uniform image.  Now, if we could just get skateboarders to read signs….

One of the pleasures of my new office (which is not so new now) is that I can hear the young people from Boys Republic socializing while they are at lunch in the patio, and now I can hear them practicing for their Christmas concert.  I’ve always loved young people, and these young adults help make my day.  I forgive them when they have drum practice, or when they drop furniture (or something…) on the floor above me – even those noises remind me that they are working, growing up, and getting ready for the world.

Get ready:  next week I’m talking holiday fun stuff!


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