Old Town Report (9/29/16 Issue)

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Old Town Monrovia. - Courtesy photo
Old Town Monrovia. – Courtesy photo


By Pam Fitzpatrick

I confess, I was scolded by a reader of last week’s column for neglecting to highlight Myrtle Avenue’s 500 block, the virtual center of Old Town (my bad) … but, in all honesty, I replied that I was focusing on changes in the district and all seemed so stable in the 500 block. Seems that I don’t know everything, after all …

So, as I’m walking around the 500 block last week, admiring the new globe-style lighting strung between the light posts (thank you City of Monrovia!), thinking how great Old Town looks, I got a shock (nothing to do with the lights): I was approached by a friend who told me Resistor Records, one of my favorite retailers, is closing at the end of October! The loss of Resistor saddens me, but it’s the fact that we will be losing the owner, Sean Sprinkle, that makes the loss even greater. Sean has been an active contributor to Old Town as a member of MOTAB (Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board) and has also served with me on the Old Town Filming Committee. Sean will be hard to replace and I am sad.

Since chocolate is a known cure for sadness, I naturally headed straight to Candy Connection, where just the aroma of chocolate lightens my spirits. It is almost October … and October means Halloween, and the Candy Connection is full of delights to please young and old. Since there is no rule posted anywhere in that store that you have to wait for Halloween, or any other holiday, my advice is to head on in and get yourself a treat! The really special thing about this shop is that the chocolate is all hand-made in the kitchen at the back of the store and you know what you’re eating is the absolute best!

And just a reminder, speaking of record stores, last week’s Monrovia Weekly featured the 500 block’s Family Affair Music. Great article, so check it out. I’ve know the owner, Don Collins, for years and I knew he and his family business has been a staple in Old Town since 1972, but I didn’t know that the name of his business was inspired by the 1971 hit song by Sly and the Family Stone, “A Family Affair.” Don, that is a great way to describe Old Town Monrovia – a family affair!

To continue on with the merits of the 500 block … have I told you how much I love Giggle Fiber? Located on the east side of the street at 512 S. Myrtle, Giggle Fiber is not only a great asset to Old Town when it comes to attracting customers (I mean “guests”), they are also very involved in the community. On the service end of my love affair with Giggle, I have to say they are the very best internet provider I have ever had at my condo – and I’ve had several. I am only angry with Giggle for one thing: they can provide internet service to everyone in my local universe except to my store at 412 S. Myrtle. The Dollmakers’ Kattywompus is doomed to Frontier forever … sigh … please Giggle, read this and have mercy on me!

Next week, Old Town’s very special non-profit, one of the best kept secrets in the San Gabriel Valley, is having a fundraiser at the historic Castle Green in Pasadena. I’ve been spending a good deal of my time working at Santa Anita Family Service to let folks know the good work that is being done there and their need for community support. If you are so inclined, check out www.santaanitafamilyservice.org and click on the Oct. 6 event square on the right side. Love to see you there!

And don’t forget Taste of Old Town on Sunday, Oct. 9! More details are available at: www.TasteMonrovia.com.


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