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Editor’s Note:

It is with an homage to the late Pam Fitzpatrick, that we are happy to bring you a new column penned by Shawn Spencer about the comings and goings of Old Town Monrovia. Some time has passed since Fitzpatrick’s last column; therefore, we felt it all-the-more appropriate to start this deference to Pam around Christmas. Monrovia Weekly is pleased to announce Shawn Spencer’s column will be published weekly on Thursdays. We hope you like it. Please let us know your thoughts:

File photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Shawn Spencer

Well … it is almost Christmas time. With so much going on nationally and locally, some of you might not have noticed the things that, sadly, are NOT going on in Old Town. There have been no breakfasts with Santa. No Christmas carolers. There was no Christmas tree lighting or parade. This is the first year we do not have the Dollmaker’s Kattywompus, where we could always find wonderful gifts for children of all ages. There is no movie theatre to watch the latest Christmas rom-com or even “Die Hard” (Yes! It is definitely a Chrismas movie!). There are no Christmas parties at our local restaurants and I have yet to see any mistletoe.

Speaking of our local restaurants, some are open for takeout and delivery. Some are closed temporarily and I am sad to say that we have lost Café Lumar permanently. While our restaurants and other storefronts struggle to stay open, I was so happy to see Café de Olla open recently. The Monrovian is open again, too, with a bakery and bar to boot! In the old Bottega by Bella Sera, we have Tacos y Papas opening soon — a taco takeout spot, serving tacos with meat carved directly from the rotisserie, gyro style! Don’t forget about Master Copy & Print, in the 400 block of Myrtle, for all of your printing and copying. Their neighbor, Sweet Ethan’s, promises to open soon and promises to be a paradise for candy lovers!  Let’s welcome our new businesses and continue to support all of our Old Town merchants.

While so much is different this year, the one thing we do have, is each other. We are blessed to have such a strong community; one that always pulls together when need be.  Lately, I have wondered what our beloved Pam Fitzpatrick is thinking as she looks upon the Old Town she so loved. She would want us to stick together. She would want us to stand up for our businesses, our Old Town, and each other. 

While we may not get a Christmas miracle of “normal,” may God bless us, everyone!



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