Very Sweet Pair

- Courtesy photo
– Courtesy photo

Looking for a sweet & cuddly bonded pair? Meet MOSSEY & NINO! This sister/brother duo, 8 months old, is just the ticket. NINO, male, is a gray tabby and has a white chest, with a touch of orange and an orange tint on his nose. Nino purrs when he is held and is a gentle boy. MOSSEY, female, is your typical friendly gray tabby, with a hint of orange. She purrs, is mellow and very confident, just like the popular tabby breed. Mossey adjusts well to new environments, and especially loves catnip! Please call 626-676-9505 to arrange a Meet & Greet. They are healthy and will come spayed/neutered, chipped, & vaccinated. See more pictures of them on our website,


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