Wedding Bliss Without The Fuss: Destination Wedding

Brides and their maids of honor can just enjoy the wedding and leave all the planning to professionals. – Courtesy photo / Protravel

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By Clarissa Buch

As exciting as planning a wedding can be, it often comes with stress, arguments, and a few freak-outs. Are the flowers the perfect hue of pink? Does the cake taste too creamy? Have all your loved ones RSVP’d?

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a maid of honor, there’s a lot to keep track of from now until event day. There’s also a tremendous amount of planning that goes into ensuring the ceremony and the associated celebrations go off without a hitch. (Cocktail receptions! Bridal showers! Girls’ night out! Formal dinners!)

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a wedding, or just daydreaming about what your special day may look like, here’s something to think about. How does jetting off to paradise and leaving the rest to the expert’s sound?

1. Consider a Destination Wedding

Has your bride ever fantasized about a paradise-style wedding? You know, with turquoise blue waters, pristine beaches, and warm sunsets? Making that come to life is easier than you think. The Caribbean is replete with all-inclusive resorts that will help pick, plan, and organize everything from color themes and guest-lists, to pre-wedding receptions and post-event honeymoons. Basically, all a bride must do is hop on a plane and let Protravel and the resorts’ wedding experts take care of the rest.

2. Book Early 

Agreeing to a destination wedding can be scary! What if a bride’s guests refuse to travel? Or, what if they can’t afford the added costs? We’ve got a solution: Make them an offer too good to turn down. Here’s a thought–If you book a wedding more than nine months in advance at Palace Resorts, the couple will earn benefits like free rooms and complimentary upgrades. Plus, if you give guests notice, you may be able to get away with booking a wedding on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, which are considered less expensive days to host an event.

Book with a Trusted and Certified Destination Wedding Specialist

Booking with Protravel will not only give you the peace of mind that you deserve while planning your dream wedding, it’ll provide you with the most competitive pricing in the industry, expert knowledge of the destination and resort, payment plan and price-match options, 24/7 concierge service (before, during and after your travel), a personalized wedding website and much more. We make this process smooth and stress free for you and all your guests.

Brides and their maids of honor can just enjoy the wedding and leave all the planning to professionals. – Courtesy photo / Protravel

3. Take Advantage of Complimentary Perks

To make sure guests are taken care of, it is important to look for a resort that offers the most benefits for both the bride and groom, as well as their relatives and friends (and, of course, the maid of honor!). At Palace or LeBlanc, for every 10 rooms booked earn one complimentary room and upgrade.
Do the bride and groom prefer to save it for later? Get a certificate for each room earned and have them come back to visit within 24 months of the wedding. Best of all, every bride and groom receive $1,500 USD in resort credit to use toward wedding extras if they book a group of 100 rooms or more for at least three nights.

4. Customize Everything 

Regardless of where a bride would like to tie the knot in the Caribbean, most resorts will help customize the wedding to fit her style. Brides and maids of honor will hand-pick everything from the flowers and reception décor, to the entertainment, food, and photography. At Palace, there are also a range of additional enhancements, from horse-drawn carriages, dazzling fireworks, seaside gazebos, and spa treatments, to religious and cultural offerings.

5. Experience It All Before Your Wedding Day

Before a bride commits to a destination wedding, have her experience it for herself. Couples, or the bride and her maid of honor (ahem!) can enjoy a free two-night stay in Jamaica or a property in Mexico at Palace Resorts to see exactly how their dream wedding would come to life.

During the visit, they meet with planners and suppliers, check out wedding locations, explore decor options, and sample cuisine and cake. And if you decide to book a wedding within 15 days of attending a Preview Paradise visit, you’ll earn a $500 credit toward wedding extras.

So it’s simple, contact Protravel and start planning your destination wedding with the most trusted destination wedding specialist in the wedding/travel industry. |(626) 796-4448.


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