Dear Editor: In regards to the Lifeline For Pets article of April 10

Dear Editor,

In regards to the Lifeline For Pets article of April 10 (“It Takes Two”), I was a one-cat (female) mother for 25 years. When my second kitty died three years ago, I was heartbroken and wanted to adopt another female as quickly as possible to dull the pain of loss. I visited a foster home and met a litter of four: three boys and a girl. I sat on the floor and waited to see what would happen. Immediately, a cute little black and white fur ball introduced himself to me. Although the wrong gender, this little guy stole my heart. He was too young to adopt so I visited the foster home several more times waiting for him to be ready to come home with me. He and I agreed that his name was Gabriel (after the San Gabriel Mountains).
During my visits, Gabriel’s brother, a cute little solid black kitty, began to seduce me. He rolled over on his back and looked at me so longingly…..but, I was determined: only one cat for me. The day before I was to take Gabriel home, I talked with friends who had more than one cat and urged me to adopt both boys. I thought about it and struggled between my love for both boys and my prejudice in favor on a single cat family.
In the end, I took both Gabriel and Antonio (named after Mount San Antonio) home. They are now three years old and I have never regretted my decision for a minute.

Laura Joseph


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