How to Connect With a Woman

Funny Goofy Smile Man winter fur hat - Courtesy photo /
Funny Goofy Smile Man winter fur hat – Courtesy photo /

what men need to know on the first date

By Hedda Muskat

How does a man connect with a woman these days?

With all the confusion that the media has put out there about not offending women, it’s a wonder women get asked out at all. Men are terrified. They don’t want to be accused of any inappropriate behavior. If they are truly innocent, being accused for something in innocence can have devastating effects on a man. Men should also take note that sending women disturbing texts, images and sexual social media comments can also have legal consequences. If men are too lost to know what will turn a woman off then here are some tips:

– Don’t send her vulgar disgusting images. It’s not cool and not funny.

– Don’t stalk her. If she doesn’t respond, it’s a hint she’s not interested.

– Don’t over-do the gifts, flowers, expensive day trips, and book weekend getaways before you even have a first date.

Most women want to get to know a man they are meeting for the first time in a more casual relaxed non-threatening environment. Public places. Coffee dates. Even a quick drink at the train station can give a woman a chance to see if there is any spark.

– Do listen to her if she says she wants to meet somewhere in her safe zone.

– Do the little things that women appreciate: open the door for her. Pick up the tab; gently tell her she’s pretty without fawning all over her. Women like to hear they are beautiful without a man making it sound to smothering.

– Do make a second date if you get the vibe she’s interested and you are too. You’ll know she’s interested if she suggests getting together again. But then again that may be just out of nerves so be respectful if you call and she doesn’t respond.

Men who push too much too soon can push a good woman away. Women are truly fearful as they should be. Men: Take it slow. Keep it simple.

Hedda Muskat is the author of The Dating Mystique based on her days as a writer on the TV Show “Love Connection”.


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